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Vanessa Espinoza on Eating a Healthy Plant-based Diet as an Athlete

February 15, 2021

This is episode 4, and Casper Bilton is talking with Vanessa Espinoza. Vanessa is a passionated vegan athlete. She is really known in the vegan community, and has helped several elite & pro. athletes chance their diet into a plant-based one. Vanessa is a former professional athlete in 3 different sports, basketball, boxing & bodybuilding. This talk is about lifestyle, diet, no-oil, protein & performance.

Basketball was her first passion, and while she was playing she got drafted to the woman's NBA - but she declined the opportunity because of her father's passing. Her farther was a famous boxer, and she therefore picked to be a pro. boxer. On a plant based diet Vanessa became 3x Colorado Golden Glove State champion. After that she went over to bodybuilding & working as a coach. Vanessa has her own business Plant-based Muscles. 

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