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Chef Scott Winegard on The Journey of a Plant-based Chef & Future of Food

February 1, 2021

This weeks episode is a talk between Casper Bilton & famous plant-based chef Scott Winegrad. This is a humble explanation on being a chef, how to become one, and on what the future culinary trends are. 

Scott Winegrad has opened several restaurants, most of them together with another famous vegan chef Matthew Kenney. When you google him, you can finde lots of articles on how Scott has made the vegan & vegetarian cuisine enjoyable in America. His food is Colourful, flavourful and innovative. He has also traveled around the world to learn his skills, in Copenhagen he worked with Noma. 

Former Athlete Casper, is the owner of a Plant-based & whole-foods restaurant in Copenhagen, where he also works as a chef. 

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Music by Bilton Marten
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